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POLL. Pass on this poll to your friends/communities!
roll back 88
UPDATE: POLL REPORT! I evaluated these stats after we broke the 2,000 vote mark and this is what I'm sending to LJ based on the responses so far. PLEASE KEEP VOTING AND SHARING. The more data, the better.
Poll #1805142 Roll Back Release 88. Here's why.

Type of journal / community activity I engage in (select all that apply):

Writing meme / fic comm
Fandom-related (non-writing)
Auction / sales
Comm that relies on trigger warnings
Fundraising / charity
Anon / secrets
Other comment-heavy comm / journal activity

Specific complaints I have include (select all that apply):

SUBJECT LINES. Bring back subject lines.
Bring back parent / thread links.
Bring back preview.
Bring back icon keywords list.
Bring back spell check.
Navigation through threads / comment pages is more difficult than before.
The new icon browser takes forever to load.
Order of icons makes it impossible to find the icon I want to use.
No more icon keyword rollovers.
Now I can't figure out how to edit.
I can't even comment in my browser now.
This doesn't work on my mobile browser / iPad / netbook / other device.
ADA compliance fail; this is bad for visual impairments.
This color scheme has given me a migraine.
Other complaint not in this list.

General complaints I have include (select all that apply):

Overall, load time is worse now.
Visually, this all looks like a major setback.
WTF @ igrick's treatment of LJ's userbase.
You do know that your Russian users are pissed off too, right?
If I wanted LJ to be Facebook or Twitter, I would just use Facebook or Twitter.
You did not consult your userbase adequately before making changes none of us wanted.
Don't fix what ain't broke.
I've paid to be on LJ for many years, stuck through many bad times, and this is the last straw.
Dreamwidth and other communities show immediate care and concern for their users and I do not see that here on LJ.
Unless you can make commenting functional the way it used to be, just give me my money back.
Two weeks paid time for DDoS attacks is NOT a good enough response after thousands of comments 99.999% saying JUST ROLL IT BACK.
Other complaint not in this list.

Here's how I generally feel about the new features (quick insertion for photos / videos, highlight by new comments):

I like them and will use them.
I would like them if you would undo all the other changes that you made.
I don't care if they stay or go.
Didn't even notice them, too busy with my RAGE.

This best describes me / all the accounts I maintain (select the level that reflects your biggest financial commitment):

Paid user for one year or less.
Paid user for 2-5 years.
Paid user for 6-9 years.
Paid user for 10 years or more.
Permanent user.
Plus user.
Basic / free user.
I just browse / post anon.

Extra services (icons, gifts, themes, etc):

I have paid for extra services occasionally.
I regularly pay for extra services.
I have not paid for extra services.

Number of accounts I have ever paid anything for over my time on LJ (account fees, extra icons, anything):

6+ / I lost track
Zero, but I'm helping ad revenue
If I left something out or missed something, please by all means share in comments. If you're not sure on anything or if what I put here is a little different from how you'd put it, just select what best represents you. For instance, I've been on LJ for 10 years and don't remember when I started paying or when the paying option even launched, but it's been a long time now, so I selected Paid user for 10+ years. Tried my best to represent a majority of the responses I have read over the past day. Thanks for voting! Please pass this on to your friends/communities - the more votes, the better the data.

i have a comment to add. i'm currently a Basic user, but i used to pay for lj's services back when brad/America still owned the site (lol). i've been on lj since 2002 and have NEVER before been forced to submit to a layout change. that means that lj looked THE SAME for me in 2011 as it did in 2002, because lj's cosmetic changes have always been OPT-IN or OPT-OUT. i truly think they have crossed a line by forcing a layout change on everyone.

Agreed. I've been here since 2005, and the only layout change that I've ever gone with was Userinfo 2.0, when they started with a disaster and then modified it according to user feedback (still not great, but better than whatever THIS clusterfuck is). Up until this new company took over, changes were always with users in mind. Now it's "let's see how fast we can make this site disappear!"

. . . would anybody here be surprised if PUC actually bought LJ on Russian gov't orders and is TRYING to make it go under, so as to take away the platform for Russian dissidents?

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, unfortunately it computes it out of the total number of answers as opposed to people answering. With larger numbers later, I can note where we are with the real percentages.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Maybe this is a little OT but it's my "other complaint".

Even if there is some kind of a tangible apology to paid users (refund or the old stand-by of free paid time), it's absolutely embarassing how permanent members get treated by LJ. We're the people who believed in the site enough to jump at the chance to slap down several years worth of money, and we are never acknowledged when there's downtime due to stuff like the constant DDoS attacks. Everyone absolutely deserves a voice but it's incredibly frustrating that permanent users are in no way compensated for the fuckuppery, when pay-by-the-month/year users are.

I doubt this is ever going to change but I might get over it if the site honestly apologizes and rolls back to the site we've invested in.

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Re: Maybe this is a little OT but it's my "other complaint".

Also-- hey, do you mind if we use your RollBack88 icon, with credit? I mean, yeah, it'll be a bitch to load it if it's not our default (topical reference, ahoy!), but I think that it could be neat if a lot of people started using it as an additional little action of complaint.

(Deleted comment)
Another specific complain I have is related to screened comments. They're completely greyed out now. The text is light grey on white, which is majorly frustrating because a lot of us do read screened comments. Screening them doesn't necessarily mean the comments aren't 'active' so to speak. In comms I'm in and mod for, screened comments are often used for contests so other people can't see what you've entered. Or for applications that are held private until they're voted on, etc. And a lot of us do have to read these screened comments. It's a complete pain at the moment, I can't even.

I agree the screened comments are horrible to deal with and migraine inducing.

My "other complaint" is that it's not only impossible for me to comment with my mobile now, I can't copy&paste something from a comment, too, because I'm unable to select a text. All I can select is the whole "comment box", which is just useless.

I hate that I can't now post a comment and then back out into the same spot on my friends page. II often comment at a post several pages in on my friends list, and it's simply easier to use the back buttons two times to return to the same spot where I had caught up to than to have to start at the most recent friends list page and then figure out by scanning posts where I had got to.

Now it continually asks me if I want to send a new form. Then I have to click OK, then back out three times (and it seems to take longer to refresh the page). Not the hugest deal, but annoying when you do it often.

How did you keep your comment page the same if this is no longer an opt-in/out deal? I want this one back!

Certain journal layouts (Expressive, Minimalist, and Component families) still have a setup tickybox allowing "customized comment pages". If you use one of those layouts and ticky the box, even if you don't actually customize your CSS at all, you get the old comment page back on your own journal.

Then you can add "?style=mine" (minus quote marks) to the end of any LJ page's URL to view the page in the old-comment-page style you've chosen. :D

This goes under "other" for specific complaints

Whenever I'm viewing a line of comments, regardless of whether it's in the new default comment view or in a custom style, submitting a comment now results in my being bounced out of thread view and into main page view. It used to let you remain in the comment view you'd selected, and only take you back to the main page if you were submitting an edit to a comment.

This makes it harder for me to check my comments for errors after they've posted. I also often prefer to leave specific threads open in tabs so I can just go back and refresh them when there are updates instead of having to find my place again whenever I get a notif. I can still sort of do this, but I have to either copy the url before posting my comment and paste it after, or use my back and refresh buttons. Both options are significantly less convenient than being allowed to just remain on the page I had selected.

Edited at 2011-12-22 07:01 pm (UTC)

I liked the comment on if I wanted LJ to act/look like twitter or FB I would be on twitter and FB. For one, I HATE twitter. Cannot stand it.

I am on Facebook, but only because I got forced there. I remain on LJ.

However, I have a custom view. None of the changes impact my LJ experience. I just view everything in my own style.

Me, too, except that it doesn't work worth a crap on my mobile. It's slow to load or doesn't show some flist sites. It needs to be rolled back.

I've been on LJ since 2003 (on a different account, not this one), have paid a lot of money for RP and personal accounts over the years, and have stuck with LJ because I've liked this best out of all the social networking sites out there, despite the shitty customer service. My fault, I know.

But yesterday I threw up from the sheer nausea the new comment pages were giving me via migraine. I'm on a customized S2 comment page now as I type this, and I still have to tab away every minute or so because it makes me feel ill to look at LJ for too long.

Release 88 is literally unhealthy for me.

(Deleted comment)
I didn't answer the question about the new features because I loathe the 'New Comment' highlight so much that my honest answer would be, "I dislike, don't care about and/or won't use them."

Thank you for this poll. I hope that thousands participate in it so that you can get a good sampling of responses.

We're just about to hit 2000! Thanks for voting and sharing.

Yeah, so, let it be known I did this on behalf of my personal journal "gaulish".

My browser lags like a mofo on my laptop, phone, and kindle with this new syatem.

I'm an S2 user, and have already shifted to IJ for my fic posting so none of this has affected me - yet - and in fact I'm pleased that they've finally fixed the font problem that started with the last release - so perhaps you need a 'I use my journal for (uh) long journal entries' (and not for Facebook or Twitter-style notes).

My other immediate complaint is TAGS, they switched from being at the top to being at the bottom. I tag RPs regularly and we keep tags of who is writing in the post. If I'm scrolling through entries in one of my communities/journals and I need to figure out what's been tagged, that's really annoying. They were easier to find in general at the top, and it's a weird stylistic choice to put them at the bottom.


It serves no useful purpose to move them to the bottom and removes a hell of a lot of functionality. Having the tags at the top of the page for immediate viewing made flicking through comm posts simple, either making sure they're tagged, or checking tags to see if this is a post you want to read.

My only gripe tbqh is the lack of subject lines. I actually like how it looks/works for the most part.

But with how many issues it's giving people, it needs to be rolled back. :\

Just a random $0.02. |D

My main complaint is that I can't even get the homepage to load on my phone, let alone trying to log in/choose a userpic/browse posts and leave a comment.

Seriously, did they not test this stuff at all before rolling it out?

(Deleted comment)
Under 'general complaints' I ticked every box but 'I have a complaint not on this list' /amused

I can't wait to see what the response is to this. If it's anything condescending, I might just have to explode.

This isn't an issue for me directly, but my biggest concern about the updates are the fact that they are triggering migraines for a number of people. If users need to stay away from not just a page or a section of the site for trigger problems, but the entire site because it causes them physical problems, then something is wrong. And even if it doesn't cause migraines for everyone, I doubt many people will find the site the way it is to be comfortable to look at for long- and isn't the point of something like this to make it easy on the eyes?


I marked this --> Didn't even notice them, too busy with my RAGE. <-- because I didn't not notice that function at all, but not because I was filled with rage, but because I do not nor have I ever made use of that service.

I want to try them and see if they work all right but- I haven't had a chance with all this bull. I really debate on that answer for a bit and wished there was a 'don't know' to select.

I don't get migraines so I didn't click the migraine one, but I have gotten headaches the last two days. I can deal with them, but I still shouldn't get headaches from using a site that I've used 9+ years with no issues.

I'm taking a break from any news/release post or anywhere else that has that commenting system to see if I get no headache today.

Me Too! I'm visually impaired, and I find that the pages are hard for me to read and maybe because I straining so much I'm getting headaches.

My biggest issue with Release 88 is the removal of an easy way to warn for triggers, the migraine-inducing design and Livejournal's (especially igrick) abysmal customer service.

A friend told me I ought to say something on here as well. I made a similar comment on the lj_release but that was like comment 8,000+ so I'm sure it's been overlooked and my netbook I'm now on can't handle opening the new system with that many comments so I can't copy and paste what I said there to here. Basically:

They told us the old comment system was available if you turned on custom layouts for comments, so many of us obviously did that. I then coded a template for one of my LJ games that made the comments look more like the default style. It seemed to be working fine until someone pointed out one of their entries their comments stopped loading after a certain point. After some investigation I discovered that, at least on Flexible Squares, if there's one thread that goes on for a certain length ANY comments after it, both in that same thread or any new threads after it, disappear. (If the post has more than one page the second page will load fine until there's another thread of length.)

Someone else told me this is a problem that's been around for ages, which is one reason why many people had custom layouts for comments disabled in the first place. So, basically, LJ told us if we weren't happy with how things currently were that we should switch to another system that they HAD to be aware was broken but never fixed.

I didn't test to see if other templates had similar problem because I don't own these communities and didn't want to start messing around with them like that (plus I have other things to do on my vacation from work haha), but just the sheer fact this system is broken on Flexible Squares means it would be broken for a lot of communities that use this template as a base for their custom layouts. It probably won't be an issue if your journal or communities don't have long discussion contained in one thread, but for RP games and discussion comms this could be a huge problem.

Re: Another complaint

Flexible Squares works okay for less comment-heavy applications, but the ones that seem to work best are the Minimalist layouts.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
My biggest problem is that the new pages give me a headache. And I know it's the comment pages, because if I check another website, my head starts to clear up. Even if I liked all the other changes and was okay with them (which I'm not), it physically hurts me to look at the site now, after only a few minutes.

Along with all the things listed, I'd like to say I miss being able to search by comment, not just keyword, in my icons for my RP journals. Like, I had them organized so I could type "suit" and every suit icon would come up or "happy" for the happy ones, etc. But now I can't. :(

Just wanna add: I would be a paying user if not for this. I was planning on buying accounts for friends on LJ too. Lots of money lost over this nonsense.




The Notes function is now useless.

Re: My 'Other Complaint'

This! What the hell is the point of it if you can't see the notes you've written for individual accounts? :\


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