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POLL. Pass on this poll to your friends/communities!
roll back 88
UPDATE: POLL REPORT! I evaluated these stats after we broke the 2,000 vote mark and this is what I'm sending to LJ based on the responses so far. PLEASE KEEP VOTING AND SHARING. The more data, the better.
Poll #1805142 Roll Back Release 88. Here's why.

Type of journal / community activity I engage in (select all that apply):

Writing meme / fic comm
Fandom-related (non-writing)
Auction / sales
Comm that relies on trigger warnings
Fundraising / charity
Anon / secrets
Other comment-heavy comm / journal activity

Specific complaints I have include (select all that apply):

SUBJECT LINES. Bring back subject lines.
Bring back parent / thread links.
Bring back preview.
Bring back icon keywords list.
Bring back spell check.
Navigation through threads / comment pages is more difficult than before.
The new icon browser takes forever to load.
Order of icons makes it impossible to find the icon I want to use.
No more icon keyword rollovers.
Now I can't figure out how to edit.
I can't even comment in my browser now.
This doesn't work on my mobile browser / iPad / netbook / other device.
ADA compliance fail; this is bad for visual impairments.
This color scheme has given me a migraine.
Other complaint not in this list.

General complaints I have include (select all that apply):

Overall, load time is worse now.
Visually, this all looks like a major setback.
WTF @ igrick's treatment of LJ's userbase.
You do know that your Russian users are pissed off too, right?
If I wanted LJ to be Facebook or Twitter, I would just use Facebook or Twitter.
You did not consult your userbase adequately before making changes none of us wanted.
Don't fix what ain't broke.
I've paid to be on LJ for many years, stuck through many bad times, and this is the last straw.
Dreamwidth and other communities show immediate care and concern for their users and I do not see that here on LJ.
Unless you can make commenting functional the way it used to be, just give me my money back.
Two weeks paid time for DDoS attacks is NOT a good enough response after thousands of comments 99.999% saying JUST ROLL IT BACK.
Other complaint not in this list.

Here's how I generally feel about the new features (quick insertion for photos / videos, highlight by new comments):

I like them and will use them.
I would like them if you would undo all the other changes that you made.
I don't care if they stay or go.
Didn't even notice them, too busy with my RAGE.

This best describes me / all the accounts I maintain (select the level that reflects your biggest financial commitment):

Paid user for one year or less.
Paid user for 2-5 years.
Paid user for 6-9 years.
Paid user for 10 years or more.
Permanent user.
Plus user.
Basic / free user.
I just browse / post anon.

Extra services (icons, gifts, themes, etc):

I have paid for extra services occasionally.
I regularly pay for extra services.
I have not paid for extra services.

Number of accounts I have ever paid anything for over my time on LJ (account fees, extra icons, anything):

6+ / I lost track
Zero, but I'm helping ad revenue
If I left something out or missed something, please by all means share in comments. If you're not sure on anything or if what I put here is a little different from how you'd put it, just select what best represents you. For instance, I've been on LJ for 10 years and don't remember when I started paying or when the paying option even launched, but it's been a long time now, so I selected Paid user for 10+ years. Tried my best to represent a majority of the responses I have read over the past day. Thanks for voting! Please pass this on to your friends/communities - the more votes, the better the data.

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This conversation is becoming incredibly rich. For those who don't know Russian, translating:

Me: Attention, readers. A large number of English users just reported their auto-payments being forcefully turned on. Please, check your accounts and disable those so you won't get accidentally billed without being asked to do so."

Him: What's this nonsense? Where did they report it?

Me: /links the thread where I provided the biggest Plurk page and named several people who reported problems with the auto-payments being turned on

Him: Checked. They're all liars who are trying to slander us and spread panic. And besides, payment settings don't configure themselves.

Me: Excuse me, but stop telling me tall tales. I personally know multiple people who had problems with this. They wouldn't lie to me.

And yeah, S2 style pages all magically disabled themselves earlier. What would stop these settings from enabling themselves the same way?

Him: Well, they all should have just gone to the support team and mentioned it!

Me: They've been ringing you up for three damn days now, ever since this whole nonsense started. Nobody trusts you either as people or support operatives anymore, so of course they won't be contacting you.

You do realize that you've been reported to multiple USA services for breach of law by now, right?


According to this guy's LJ, he's the manager of LJ's support group. And we're supposed to be going to these people for help, too.

--Wow, is this what they call customer service? This is terrible. I'm beyond outraged, I'm so sorry for you. Ugh, thanks for the translations. People really do need to see this.

Yes, they call THIS so.

And as a Russian native speaker I would like to say that the translation is absolutely correct )

Thank you so much for the translations.

Thank you very much for the translations.

Wow. Thank you for translating that.

You know this guy is obviously a lying piece of shit, he's not a manager of FUCK ALL or else he'd know people have been sending in support inquiries as well.
I sent in a support request yesterday morning, and by the end of the day (probably because they have to deal with tons of other requests), they told me the comments and paid account thing was because of a glitch. And given how fucking annoying and stupid this release has been on all fronts for almost everyone, I CAN BELIEVE THIS. Hoenestly changing comments and paid bits does sound like something they wouldn't do on purpose, no matter how dickish.
Even if he's not truthful I at least still trust the people below him that probably don't pass anything onto him.

OP under a different journal here.

A quick check of his userinfo reveals that he has a permanent account and over 4,900 support points. So yes, I would say he's involved with the support team on some serious scale.

The core thing here isn't about this being a glitch or not. It's that this situation was mentioned as accidental and still treated by him as "lies and slander meant to cause panic among the userbase". I don't want to use a a service where customer support will treat me as a liar whenever it's convenient for them.

The part about the S2 comment windows changing back, I believe; because when they returned, "parent" was back, that is if you had S2.

Not sure about the auto-pays. They've pulled that one before.

Yes. We're all liars and slanderers. I brought this up (one of the early ones to do so) politely, hopeful of finding responsibility and a fix, because I'm a shit-stirrer who wants to bring the site down.

one-half of the comms that I use are at dreamwidth now, can't wait for the other half to finish their move now. Jesus Christ, it's like when Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen lost it, watching this.

I kinda of wish you hadn't name dropped me, as I don't really want to get involved in all of this and I didn't get the chance to ring my bank this morning.

But god damn it LJ.

Also it's Libel when written, Slander when spoken.

Edited at 2011-12-23 05:27 pm (UTC)

I really doubt you'll need to get involved further than this. I only dug for names of people who I knew 100% had problems with automatic payments because one of those Russian users asked for confirmed examples.

I mean, sure, there is always the possibility that all of LJ's staff collectively grows an ability to give a fuck and contacts you to ask what happened to you. I expect Hell to freeze over earlier than that, though.

Christ this guy is an asshole.

Also, it's time to teach him a new English word-libel. Since that's what he's wrongly accusing everyone of.

No, that one would be me. We have only one word for slander and libel in Russian, which is "клевета". I often tend to forget about that and use the more commonly used one.

That sentence is generally hard to translate because he's using heavy slang. The exact word he uses is "вброс", which translates roughly to "toss in". However, the implication behind the use of this word is that of a false rumor or a lie meant to discredit its target. Its specific tone is considerably more dismissive than just calling someone a liar and actually more or less implies that the source of information is completely unreliable or not worth listening to.

EDIT: And then LJ went and ate my first comment for ten minutes. Ah well, at least this gave me a reason to explain that part of the translation more thoroughly.

Edited at 2011-12-23 10:24 pm (UTC)

... Wow, geeze. I was talking to astronewt yesterday, who's the one who's actually been responding to people's comments on the news/release pages.

They claimed that the autopay thing was a mistake or glitch with form autofillers or something along those lines. Most likely still bullshit, but at least they had the grace not to call all the people who claimed that there was an issue liars. At least they're answering comments and being courteous about it, even if they're clearly mostly stonewalling.

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